The Internet Marketing Tactical Guide

What is it?
We have taken our 15+ years of online marketing success and distilled it down to create The Internet Marketing Tactical Guide. This free and unique guide outlines how to succeed at each of the critical components of online marketing – and recommends awesome tools to use for each.

Who is it for?
The guide is made for small business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing managers and directors, and anyone who is responsible for marketing their business online via search, digital media, email, social media, mobile, video and more.

What do you get?
We have divided the guide into 10 chapters, that can be read in any order. Use the handy checklists in each chapter to customize the strategies that best fit your business needs, budget and experience level.

When you’re done, you’ll have an easy to follow blueprint with actionable online marketing strategies that will work for your business. Not entirely sure how to proceed by yourself? Hire us to work with you.

How much is it?
Free. No catch. No credit card needed. No BS. If you find the guide helpful, please link to our site or share the guide on your social media streams.

Read the guide chapter by chapter below, or download the entire guide as a PDF.


Question mark iconIntroduction
What are Paid, Earned and Owned Media?
Learn the basics of paid, earned and owned media, and how they should fit into your online marketing strategy.


Mobile phone iconChapter 1
Mobile is No Longer Optional (even for small business)

In early 2014, Internet usage on mobile devices exceeded desktop PC usage for the first time. Learn why mobile is critical for your business.


Facebook logoChapter 2
The Social Media Landscape and How Your Business Fits In

Critical to some businesses, important to others – and even <gasp> meaningless to some. Where do you fit into the social media landscape?


Content iconChapter 3
A Realistic Content Marketing Strategy
Cut through the noise around content creation and focus on creating content that is useful, entertaining and relevant to your customers.


SEO iconChapter 4
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Non-SEO Experts



PPC iconChapter 5
Paid Search Advertising (PPC) is Also No Longer Optional



Digital media iconChapter 6
Digital Media is Now Much More Than Just Banner Ads



Email iconChapter 7
Email Marketing is Still Critical (And No, Email is NOT Dead)



Ecommerce iconChapter 8
eCommerce Platforms, Best Practices and SEO Issues



Analytics iconChapter 9
Web Analytics: Track Your Campaigns or You Will Fail



Conversion funnel iconChapter 10
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): You Don’t Have a Traffic Problem


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